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Under Development:  You Said It! "A multimedia speech and language training system for adults with developmental disabilities"


is a language training system designed to teach simple grammatical structures and intelligible pronunciation to persons with development disabilities.  Beta test versions of YSI have been used successfully with adults in a sheltered workshop setting and also with hospital patience with a variety of disorders affecting speech or language.  In YSI, the clients respond to animated scenarios and their responses are evaluated by a computer-based voice recognition system. 

 ISTRA! " ISTRA computer-based speech training is designed for use by speech/language pathologists in schools, clinics and hospital settings.

Feedback to clients is based on the quality of the client's production and has been shown in research to correlate with SLP judgments.

Clinicians are able to serve more clients who can conduct their own independent drills using ISTRA.

Vocabulary Menu allows the clinician to design individualized practice sessions.

Clinicians create training targets in ISTRA's Template Functions tailored to individual client needs. "
Currently unavailable.  (Support continues for all previously purchased systems.)

HearSay! "HearSay is a multimedia English pronunciation training system that uses automatic speech recognition technology. The system provides both speaking and listening practice on the sounds of American English that have been found to be most difficult for speakers of English as a second language. Extensive research with Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish speakers has produced specialized content modules for each group. Our newest product, "HearSay For ALL," provides content suitable for individuals learning American English pronunciation from more than 24 first languages! "
Currently unavailable.  (Revised version under development, support continues for all previously purchased systems.)  

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