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The TBAC-4 is the most recent version of a battery of auditory tests that has been under development since the early 1980s. It includes six tests of auditory discrimination using single tones or groups of tones, two tests using speech sounds, and a two-part test using common environmental sounds. A discussion of the value of an auditory test battery for listeners with clinically defined normal hearing is included in the TBAC Manual, together with a brief history of the development of this battery.

For more information on the National Auditory Capabilities Database (NACD) go to our FAQ page.

The tone-based tests are:

 1) Single-tone frequency discrimination.
 2) Single-tone intensity discrimination.
 3) Single-tone duration discrimination.
 4) Pulse-train discrimination (rhythm).
 5) Embedded tone detection (word-length tonal sequences).
 6) Temporal-order discrimination for tones.
The speech tests are:
 7) Temporal-order discrimination for syllables.
 8) Syllable recognition.
The environmental sound tests are:
 9) Environmental Sounds, Part 1.
10) Environmental Sounds, Part 2.

Note: Tests 1-8 can be administered in approximately 60-70 minutes, while Tests 9 and 10 require an additional 60-70 minutes to complete. Any subset of tests can be given, although one Scoring Unit is required for any selection of tests administered to an individual listener. Special pricing is available for qualified research projects on request.

TBAC Manual:  Instructions for use of the TBAC and discussion of its development and purpose.
FAQs: regarding the TBAC.
Example of TBAC scores for an individual listener.

The TBAC may be purchased for $80.  As explained in the TBAC Manual, the administration of this test battery requires that Scoring Units be purchased at $5 per unit.   Eight scoring units are included with the downloaded test battery.  Reduced prices per Scoring Unit are available for large-volume usage.

To purchase the TBAC:
Go to the CDT purchasing page at http://www.comdistec.com/new/catalog.html.  On that page you will be able to purchase the software and additional Scoring Units, using either a major credit card or PayPal.   After you have made your purchase, you will be sent instructions for downloading the TBAC.  

The TBAC Manual is available at www.comdistec.com/new/tbac/TBACManual2009edited.pdf. It includes information that the prospective buyer is encouraged to read before purchasing this test battery.

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