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Our HearSay product is currently unavailable, a new and improved version is planned for 2011.

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American English speech training

HearSay provides individualized pronunciation practice using automatic speech recognition in an interactive games environment.
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HearSay practice helps reduce foreign accent.
HearSay improves English listening and speaking skills.

HearSay makes your English easier to understand!

HearSay practice focuses on the speech sounds most important for understanding and being understood in English.

HearSay's automatic pronunciation evaluation technology and detailed record keeping make the system suitable for individuals working independently, as well as for use in classrooms, clinics, and corporate training environments.

Separate versions of HearSay designed specifically for Japanese speakers, for Mandarin Chinese speakers, and for Spanish speakers of English are now available. Our latest development, "HearSay For ALL," is designed for use by speakers of over 24 first languages learning to speak English with American English pronunciation.

User-adaptive curricula make HearSay suitable for self-study or instructional settings.


"I have been trying on my own to improve my American English pronunciation for years. Using HearSay helped me target the specific sounds that I find difficult - and without paying expensive tuition! I really appreciate HearSay, both its design and its content."
- W.H., native speaker of Mandarin Chinese